Hot & Spicy  
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King Chef Special Menu

w. White Rice
1. Eight Treasure Bean Curd
Chopped beef, chicken, shrimp and bean curd with vegetable in special house sauce.
2. Hibachi Chicken or Shrimp
Broccoli, mushroom, onion, green pepper, cucumber, with a white sauce on the side.
spicy 3. Black Pepper Chicken
Onion, green pepper, butter, black pepper
spicy 4. Chicken in White Fresh Garlic Sauce
Sliced white meat chicken, sautéed with mixed vegetables in a white garlic sauce.
5. Pearl Steak
Chunks of steak with baby corn, fresh mushrooms and snow peas, in our house special brown sauce.
6. Crispy Rainbow Beef
Shredded beef fried to crispy sautéed with shredded mushrooms, snow peas, green peppers in tangy brown sauce.